Neon oh Neon….

NEON??? yes neon!!! this time of year it seems that neon is not really the appropriate color but hey i’m living in a country where the weather is hot and humid all throughout the year. This forever 21 top is actually from their summer collection last year where neon was sporadically everywhere from outfit, accessories, shoes, bags, underwear, you name it. It’s just a truly and eternally summer color . For my liking, an outfit with this type of color and a big cut out at the back (i forgot to take picture of the cutout at the back) is a night out appropriate outfit only. I paired this top with black shoes, short and bag making it brighter but at the same time tone it down a bit as compared with pairing it with another color. I think that neon and black outfit with a touch of red bold lip and nail adds sophistication to the overall look. This pairing is just really a date night appropriate because if worn during day time its like you are shouting ‘Look at me people!!!’ LOL. _DSC9517 _DSC9487 _DSC9499 _DSC9492 _DSC9489

Top: Forever21 Shoes: ZARA Short: Random store Sunglasses: Forever21 Bag: Charles & Keith Photography by: Xposure Factory



About YAnnA YuLLiE

Hi I'm Yanna and I have a little bit of an obsession on makeup and its amazingness.. I could go on and on and on and ramble about these cute little money sucker things called makeup so lets play along, have fun and be creative!! XoXo, YAnnA
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