Black and White

i’ve been really into black and white clothing lately. Last week when i was in the store looking for an outfit (as in one piece) to match my shoes that i got on sale at ZARA, I just can’t stop grabbing and putting the ‘black and white’ pieces into my shopping bag and ended up buying, impulsively, 3 pairs of ‘black and white’ clothes. I shook my head (as if i was being hypnotised) and realised that i just paid for more unnecessary things.In my defense ‘they look cute on me **sigh**





 Dress: Mango Shoes: Charles & Keith Bag: Charles & Keith



About YAnnA YuLLiE

Hi I'm Yanna and I have a little bit of an obsession on makeup and its amazingness.. I could go on and on and on and ramble about these cute little money sucker things called makeup so lets play along, have fun and be creative!! XoXo, YAnnA
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